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Списание Devilry е некомерсиално месечно дигитално списание за екстремна музика. Написано на Български език и безплатно за всички. Нашият първи брой беше публикуван през 2009-а година (на хартия и на английски език). В началото на 2010-а година списанието беше върнато към живот от създателя му Нико - в дигитален формат, ново лого и нов стимул - ДА ЗАПАЗИ ДУХА ЖИВ! То съдържа интервюта, ревюта, статии с някой от най-бруталните банди от дълбокия ъндърграунд.
ЗА ГРУПИ И ЛЕЙБЪЛИ - Ако искате да направим интервю с вас, моля изпратете ни мейл на devilry.zine@mail.bg или ни пишете съобщение в myspace профила ни. Жанрът трябва да е екстремен. Не ни пука дали е блек-дет-траш-хардкор.
ЗА РЕВЮТА - Промо дискове са добре дошли, както и дигитални mp3-ки. Опитваме се да даваме най-доброто от себе си и да сме честни в ревютата си.
ЗА ВСИЧКИ АНГЛОГОВОРЯЩИ ЧИТАТЕЛИ - Наясно сме с факта, че някой от вас не могат да прочетат списанието ни на Български. За сега не можем да си позволим да правим 2 еднакви списания на различни езици, но никой не знае, какво може да се случи занапред. Можете да прочетете някой от интервютата на английски на блога ни ( www.devilry-magazine.blogspot.com) или в някой от нашите специални броеве на списанието, написани и на двата езика. ЗА РЕКЛАМИ - Пишете на devilry.zine@mail.bg Подкрепяйте метъл ъндърграунда! Да поддържаме духа жив!

Devilry Magazine is non-comercial monthly digital magazine for extreme music. Written in Bulgarian and free for all. Our first issue was released in may 2009 (in paper and written in english). In the beginning of 2010 Devilry magazine was reborn by it's creator Niko - in digital format, new logo and new stimul - TO KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE! It contains interviews, reviews, articles with some of the most brutal bands from the real underground.
FOR BANDS AND LABELS - If you want to make an interview in the magazine, please send us e-mail at devilry.zine@mail.bg or write us a message in myspace. The genre must be extreme! We don't care if its black-death-hardcore-thrash etc. FOR REVIEWS - Promo CDs are well received, also digital MP3s. We try to give our best and to be honest in the reviews! FOR ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING READERS - Also we are aware of the fact that some of you can't read the magazine in Bulgarian. For now we can't afford to make 2 same magazines in different languages, but who knows what can happened in the future? You can read some of the interviews in english in our blog ( www.devilry-magazine.blogspot.com) or in our special editions of the magazine written in english and bulgarian.
FOR ADVERTISING AND SALES - contact Devilry.zine@mail.bg Support the metal underground! Keep the spirit alive



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неделя, 26 юни 2011 г.


We are ready to kill. Devilry 5 is out NOW!
Belphegor are the leading band of this issue of the magazine, followed by Sinister, Eufobia, The Project Hate, Nightrage and more.
Digital and free as usual! Keep the spirit alive!

Support and read here:

Готови сме да убиваме. 5 брой на Devilry е факт.
Belphegor са водещата банда на този брой, водени от Sinister, Eufobia, The Project Hate, Nightrage и други.
Дигитално и безплатно както винаги! Пазате духа жив.

Четете онлайн тук:

четвъртък, 23 юни 2011 г.

2 years birthday!!!! Fuck yeah!

As a present to our 2 year birthday we give you for free first ever printed edition of DEVILRY. Rare issue with many mistakes, amateur design but still made with love and passion and dedication to the underground. Enjoy!

Като подарък по случай 2 годишнината на списанието ви даваме безплатно шанса да прочетете първото хартиено издание на Devilry в дигитален формат. Черно-бяло, пълно с грешки и аматьорски дизайн, но направено с любов и страст към метъл музиката. Насладете се на творението от 2009-а година! Наздраве!


We are back!

After a loooong fucking long pause we are back!
Very soon the new issue will be out so stay online for news and stuff!

Devilry team

btw Because of the myspace new awful design we are not sure if we will update this profile anymore!

събота, 19 февруари 2011 г.

SvartCrown - live in Bulgaria

SvartCrown - live in Bulgaria
DEVILRY MAGAZINE official media partner

AMON AMARTH New song online

"Slaves of Fear" is the new track of Amon Amarth upcoming album. This song can be heard online at this LINK

DEICIDE - New album online

The latest album of Deicide can be listen online at THIS LINK.

вторник, 8 февруари 2011 г.

VREID - New Track online

Vreid has posted the opening track “Arche” from their forthcoming album “V” on their Myspaceprofile.

Check out the track here: http://www.myspace.com/thepitchblackbrigade

The Black & Roll Brigade has build their sound on Norwegian Blackness & 70ties Rock. On V this is still their ground, but more than ever their brew has a flavour of the guitar based metal from mid 80`s to mid 90`s. The past illuminates Vreid`s present & future, and with the new album they are reunited with guitar maestro «Strom» from the Windir & Ulcus days (Former Guitarist Ese left the band late 2009). History is the lifeline through Vreid`s lyrics, and this time they are fuelled of thoughts by the likes of Hamsun, Munch & Sarte to name a few. Their nine darkest, heaviest and most complex songs to date are wrapped in a powerful & crystal clear production conducted by songwriter & bass player Hváll himself. All produced and mixed in his own 1184 studio. Vreid has marched across the world with over 200 shows since their start back in 2004, and will be hitting the road with full speed in 2011.

DEICIDE - To Hell With God Trailer

неделя, 6 февруари 2011 г.

'Brutallica' и 'Devilry' се обединяват

Brutallica и интерактивният уебзин Devilry обединяват сили. Съвместната им работа ще бъде насочена към издаването на 14 брой на култовото ъндърграунд списание Brutallica. По този повод обединеният екип търси четирима или петима сътрудници-доброволци за интервюта и ревюта, които да са на „ТИ“ с най-бруталните стилове като блек, дет и грайнд. Отличният английски е задължителен!

За повече подробности пишете на: nikolay.dosev@mail.bg и във фейсбук на профила на Николай Досев


Check them out here:

Dagor Dagorath Interview

Here is one interview with the band Dagor Dagorath from Israel. The interview was not published in the magazine, but we want to show it to the world, because the band's music is really strong and heavy.

First of all, tell us more about your band to our readers. You are the first bands from Israel that appears in our magazine.
*Hello Niko and Devilry Magazine readers! It's really nice to be first. he he
DAGOR DAGORATH was founded in 2003 by Vorog, Mizgir and myself. We're the main band members, however we keep changing session members. We play under this name for over 8 years, and recorded a demo album and a full length album.

Your latest album "Yetzer Ha'Ra" had a review last year in Metal Hammer UK. Is this your biggest publication 'till now? Are they your fans?
*By far this is our biggest metal publication. It was great seeing my band there, because I'm an enthusiastic fan of the magazine for many years.
However, our biggest publication was in one of the largest news paper in Israel.

What makes you use such interesting folklore instruments in your music. I personally think that this makes your music a lot more complex?

*Indeed We've started with folk in our demo album "Times of Distress",our genre was more of folk and black metal. But in "Yetzer Ha'Ra" we don't use folk elements, maybe it's not simple to change you genre so quick.
I like folk music and folk metal but I think it's not for Dagor Dagorath. In our next album you won't hear folk music, and that's 100% sure.

I read somewhere that actually most of the members of the band are from Ukraine. Is this true?
*Yes, our band's origins are from Ukraine, excluding our new drummer.
But we moved to Israel over 13-14 years ago, met and formed the band here. Because of that we're an Israeli band.

Is there any Hell in Heaven?
*Yes off course, it's here in israel!!!

Tell us more about your strange name and also the name of the new album, what is it, what represents?
*The Dagor Dagorath isn't a strange name he he, It is ‘Battle of Battles’ or ‘Final Battle’ in Sinadrin, it's an event described in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
And 'Yetzer Ha'Ra’ in Judaism refers to one’s inclination of evil by violating the will of god.

What do you think about war these days? Do you think that the black metal bands must sing for war and less about Satan, because there is more violence and death of the battlefields?
*I don't know. I think each of us must do what he wants and what he can.
We use many subjects in our lyrics. It won't be interesting if all of the bands would sing about the same things: war, Satan, etc....

Israel is a cradle of the christian religion, hated by all black metallists, as a black metal band, do you feel hate in the people there?
*Honestly, I don't. We don't feel the christian religion here as much as Judaism. And I think it isn't such a big problem for Israel bands. A real problem is our country's location, and the fact that the metal scene here is quite limited.

Any summer activity?
We're now working on new songs for our next album, some of them will soon be introduced at our shows.
We’ll continue to perform and promote ‘Yetzer Ha`Ra’, when our guitarist will be back from China. But our main goal for 2010 is creating more new songs, which will be recorded after.

Thanks for the interview? Last words to the fans?
*I want to thank Niko for the interview questions and all Devilry Magazine readers.
Go ahead and check our myspace and convince your local organisers to bring us to your city this summer and we’ll come!

събота, 5 февруари 2011 г.

Metal videos [January 2011]

You have a chance to watch the latest metal videos from all over the world from the last month! If we have free tie, this may become something like tradition to us, deliver the latest videos from all metal genres! Cheers

Brutallica & Devilry United!

Great news! Brutallica Magazine & Devilry Zine are now united and together will create the new issue of the most dedicated to the underground metal magazine BRUTALLICA. More info still to come!

Belphegor in Devilry 5

Austrian death metal machine will be in the new 5th issue of Devilry Magazine. More info still to come!

Devilry on Facebook

We have now lauched a Facebook profile. There you can read news, watch video and be informed about Devilry activities and future issues.
Visit us HERE

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