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Списание Devilry е некомерсиално месечно дигитално списание за екстремна музика. Написано на Български език и безплатно за всички. Нашият първи брой беше публикуван през 2009-а година (на хартия и на английски език). В началото на 2010-а година списанието беше върнато към живот от създателя му Нико - в дигитален формат, ново лого и нов стимул - ДА ЗАПАЗИ ДУХА ЖИВ! То съдържа интервюта, ревюта, статии с някой от най-бруталните банди от дълбокия ъндърграунд.
ЗА ГРУПИ И ЛЕЙБЪЛИ - Ако искате да направим интервю с вас, моля изпратете ни мейл на devilry.zine@mail.bg или ни пишете съобщение в myspace профила ни. Жанрът трябва да е екстремен. Не ни пука дали е блек-дет-траш-хардкор.
ЗА РЕВЮТА - Промо дискове са добре дошли, както и дигитални mp3-ки. Опитваме се да даваме най-доброто от себе си и да сме честни в ревютата си.
ЗА ВСИЧКИ АНГЛОГОВОРЯЩИ ЧИТАТЕЛИ - Наясно сме с факта, че някой от вас не могат да прочетат списанието ни на Български. За сега не можем да си позволим да правим 2 еднакви списания на различни езици, но никой не знае, какво може да се случи занапред. Можете да прочетете някой от интервютата на английски на блога ни ( www.devilry-magazine.blogspot.com) или в някой от нашите специални броеве на списанието, написани и на двата езика. ЗА РЕКЛАМИ - Пишете на devilry.zine@mail.bg Подкрепяйте метъл ъндърграунда! Да поддържаме духа жив!

Devilry Magazine is non-comercial monthly digital magazine for extreme music. Written in Bulgarian and free for all. Our first issue was released in may 2009 (in paper and written in english). In the beginning of 2010 Devilry magazine was reborn by it's creator Niko - in digital format, new logo and new stimul - TO KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE! It contains interviews, reviews, articles with some of the most brutal bands from the real underground.
FOR BANDS AND LABELS - If you want to make an interview in the magazine, please send us e-mail at devilry.zine@mail.bg or write us a message in myspace. The genre must be extreme! We don't care if its black-death-hardcore-thrash etc. FOR REVIEWS - Promo CDs are well received, also digital MP3s. We try to give our best and to be honest in the reviews! FOR ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING READERS - Also we are aware of the fact that some of you can't read the magazine in Bulgarian. For now we can't afford to make 2 same magazines in different languages, but who knows what can happened in the future? You can read some of the interviews in english in our blog ( www.devilry-magazine.blogspot.com) or in our special editions of the magazine written in english and bulgarian.
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неделя, 6 декември 2009 г.

Beneath The Frozen Soil INTERVIEW


Can you start first with introducing yourself and your band?
Hell(O))) Devilry magazine, great to make your acquaintance.
Swift introduction: Beneath The Frozern Soil is a four piece, raw blackened doom metal band from Gothenburg Sweden.
Longer introduction:
We started out 2004 in Kalmar on the southeast cost of Sweden as a duo consisting of me (Linus Pilebrand) and ex-lead singer Buster Sporrong as an electrified way of getting out bottle up emotions, hate, anger, depression...
Selfmedication through low rumbling noise if you will.
Over time things evolved, we added a permanent drummer (Olof Holgersson) and recorded a demo that got the attention of Totalrust Music's boss Gad.
We relocated to Gothenburg, released a split with Negative Reaction through Totalrust Music, Buster left the band in order to spend time with his fianceè and their newborn son.
He was replace by Göran Nilsson and Svante Enefalk joined up on bass.
Now we..re set to release a split with Evoken via I Hate-records in august and in September Totalrust Music will release our fullength album.
We will hit the road together with Profetus and marche funebre in september for a two week long tour to promote the releases.

You are another band from Sweden.The scene there is getting bigger and bigger,don’t you think?

Yeah there are alot of realy good bands from Sweden, and they just keep om comin...
I guess it's the whole "gothenburg/stockholm" sound you know...
Unfortunately there aren't that many doom metal bands here, but then again wich country has?
Sure we have the doom metal kings Candlemass who more or less started the whole thing, but people should check out Kongh, Ocean Chief, Runemagik/The Funeral Orchestra and our totalrust labelmater Pyramido form some more low and slow music from the jewel of Scandinavia.

Your band is a doom metal-lover. Do you think that doom music is way too depressed these days?

I don't know if I would say that it's too depressed these days, I would more say that there are a bit to many bands out there acting like emos.. complaining about what not and writing depressed lyrics just for the sake of having lyrics about depression without ever having experienced real depression themselves.
Our basic concept is to invoke emotion, both musically and lyrically. A way to channel the mindset of a given moment, be it real or not. In this we strive to step away from the most common clichés of doom. For example the romanticizing of depression, grief and loss. We rather portray it as one of the uglier sides of being human.
We're a band where 3 out of 4 memebers have lost their fathers to sickness, were our ex-singer tried to commit suicide and som of us have had our fare share of encounters with selfmutilation.
So we know what depression, loss and mourning brings, and it ain't nothing good.

As.. a young band,what are your main targets?More live shows?Bigger label?

You are spot on there, the goal is do as many shows as possible, push things forward.
Cause what's the point with writing music if you..re not willing to show it to people?
We're going to record a new fullength this winter/early spring and look for a suitable label for it, well see what will come out of it.

You said that the main concept of the music is to invoce emotion.What kind of emotion you want to invoke in us?

I think the answear to question nr 3 more or less gives you the answear you need.
We have an understanding in the band that the music should sound like a rusty bulldozer sinking in mud topped with a little stream of hope, if we reach that goal then vi know that it will be a great song.
I don't if this makes any sence, but this is the best answear you are going to get.

What do you think about life in general and the modern society?

Ofcourse I'm glad that I live in a modern day sociaty where you don't have the same struggles as say, someone living in the 18 century had.
Where food and housing is more or less taken for granted and we have a funtioning healtcare.
But at the same time I feal that we as "modern people" have lost a connection to life and the earth we walk upon.
This is something that I think have crept upon us as we have aspired and struggled to reach a higer standard of living, techonological achievements and expansion of our urbanisation.
We're not that gounded anymore, wich is a pity.
Just look at how we treat this planet...

Can you reveal the secret of the sentence: “Fast is light,heavy is slow” ;) Something with doom metal?

It most definitely has to do with doom metal, cause fast music never sounds heavy and earthshattering, it might sound agressive and hateful, but heavy it is not.
When I think of something heavy I don't envision a ferrari speeding away on the freeway, I think of above mentioned rusty bulldozer sinking in mud, big, slow and heavy.
Hence, fast is light, heavy is slow.

Do you get inspiration from some movies?

In some ways, I think that eveyrbody who holds Twin Peaks, Dr Strangelove and The Seventh Seal as their favorite series/movies can't avoid picking up inspiration from them in one way or another.
I know that I do.

Are you depressed a lot?

Without giving away to much of my self or anybody else in BTFS, I believe that anybody who ever has been struck with depression and/or grief always carries that with them.
And it is up to that person to deal with it in their own way,
and try to get out as safe and sound as possible on the other end of it.
But since people are people, some take antidepressants, some do drugs, some drink, some mutilate themselves, some commit suicide, some write books, some write music.

Wish something to DEVILRY Magazine and your fans.
I personaly wish you all the best, achieve the goals you set up for yourself and never, ever backdown.
Always walk proud and tall with your eyes lifted, never let sociaty get you down.

Stay low and slow.

/Linus Pilebrand
Beneath The Frozen Soil

понеделник, 23 ноември 2009 г.



-The Black Metal is still alive and with your last album you prove that he'll never die.
I agree, there are still a lot of people with right mentality and whom are filled with a raw, dark energy and hate. As long as there are people like that there will be Black Metal.
-Tell us something about the beginning,when you formed the band.
For the answer to this question I must reffer to our website.
-What is hidden behind your name?Why "Cirith Gorgor"?
It originally comes from Tolkiens Lord of the rings and meaning the haunted pass to death. These days, however the Tolkien-concept is totally cast aside, for our antipathy towards religions is a more important concept to us.
-Why do you have so much line-up changes over the years?
Sometimes for a band to survive and flourish, it must stay dynamic and evolve into something stronger.
-Do you thing that your latest album "CIRITH GORGOR"is Soundtrack to Armageddon?
I think our soundtrack to Armageddon has yet to be written.
-Aren't you afrid that your next album will be less powerfull than the last one?
Not at all.
-What motivates you?Where the inspiration comes from?
That is hard to say. Often it comes for deep within. One of my personal motivation would be my hatred for the arrogance of mankind.
-What can make you really angry?
Mankind takes real pride in their intelligence while in truth it is degenerating and the existance of the major regilions only advance it’s degeneration.
-Can you reveal some secrets about your upcoming album?Do you have any new songs written?
Of course the writing process keeps on going.
-I see that lately you are very busy band.Any chance to see you playing in Bulgaria?
Who knows, we’ll be playing in Romania in august.
-What can you say about Black Metal Scene today?
It seems that there is an increase in old-school Black Metalbands and this is something I am very pleased with.
-Are you famous in your country?
You can say that.
-What you think about satanism?Are you religious?
We are not at all religious, we do not believe in God and therefor not in the Devil. Satanism however are a powerfull tool to express our hatred against all the major religions
-Do you enjoy playing live?
That’s what’s it all about.
-Where was your best show ever?
That would actally be our show in Bulgaria two years ago.
-Do you think that it's better to improve and evolve musically?
Of course it’s better. To stand still and not improve means that you are on your top and when you are on your top, it can only get worse.
-Nowadays we see more and more "old" Black Metal bands coming back.How can you explain that?
I don’t and I am not going to pretend I do.
-What can we expect next from you?
More chaos, terror and live shows!
-Will you search for a bigger label for your releases?
We actually signed with a bigger label, but they turned out to be dirty, greedy pigs.
-Thank you for the interview.Infernal HAILS from DEVILRY Magazine and all your fans.



неделя, 27 септември 2009 г.


NEW LOGO COMING UP from the mighty Christophe Szpajdel.

вторник, 25 август 2009 г.

Infernal HAILS from DEVILRY Zine!!!!
We are back in the business after long summer vacation!
We are coming soon with big changes and more pieces of extreme music!

Currently we are working for our issue 2 and we are looking for bands for reviews!
If you are interested mail us : DEVILRY.ZINE@MAIL.BG

We are very happy with the changes in our camp.Right now we are expecting our new logo,created by the mighty Christophe Szpajdel.

The return of DEVILRY

четвъртък, 23 юли 2009 г.

Devilry в НА ТЪМНО

От седмица насам,списанието ни може да бъде намерено във верига магазини "На Тъмно" в цялата страна.Урааа!!!!
Адреси на магазините:
Варна, ул. Воден 19

София, ул. Иван Вазов 13

В. Търново, ул. Ст. Стамболов 57

Ст. Загора, ул. Цар Симеон 112

Добрич, пл. Независимост 1

Плевен, ул. Дойран 144

Русе, ул. Г. Раковски 13

събота, 4 юли 2009 г.

Айде и аз със блог!!!!

Който желае,може да ми види новия ЛИЧЕН!!! блог,който е изключително и само за забалвение!!! на адрес: http://satanicko.blogspot.com/

понеделник, 29 юни 2009 г.

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Dimmu Borgir,Marduk,Cannibal Corpse

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петък, 26 юни 2009 г.

T-Shirt + Free magazine


четвъртък, 18 юни 2009 г.

Latest Released - Devilry Distro

- Winds of Malice - Snakes Shall Breed Under The Ruins (Promo) - 7 Euro/8 BGN
- Mortuus Caelum/Winds of Malice Split CD (promo) - 7 Euro/8 BGN
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сряда, 10 юни 2009 г.

вторник, 9 юни 2009 г.


DEVILRY Distribution proudly presents our new releases: GRINDHEAD RECORDS Australia CDs:

- PATHOLOGY - Incisions of Reverse Debauchery
- RONCSIPAR - Antimonumentum
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- EBOILE - Elevation Into Disintegration
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понеделник, 8 юни 2009 г.

петък, 5 юни 2009 г.

Bonedust LIVE photos - 05.06.2009

На 5 Юни 2009г. в 22:00 върху главите на 50тина метъл фена от гр.Казанлък се стовари мощта на една от най-добрите ъндърграунд дет метъл банди - BONEDUST.Мероприятието се проведе в една малка бирария под земята,наречена "Дупката".Името,отговаря и на мястото,защото явно клуба не можеше да събере всички подивели фенове на казанлъшките дет метъли.Малко след 22:00 часа фронтмена Даката обяви първата песен и касапницата започна с пълна пара.Четиримата членове на бандата куфяха през цялото време,въпреки лиспата на място и си личеше,че са пълни професионалисти.
Сетлистът им беше съставен главно от кавъри и искания на феновете,някой от които бяха доста странни.Някой от публиката ме разби,когато започна да скандира: "Таратор...таратор".Не стана ясно дали иска песен или просто е гладен.
Иначе момчетата забиваха яко без умора,преминаха през класики на Sepultira,Slayer,Bolt Thrower,чак до In Flames.
Саундът за такова място беше изненадващо добър,моите очаквания бяха че ще бъдем атакувани от стена от шум,но за щастие това не стана.Единствената ми критика беше,че барабаните бяха издадени на преден план и заглушаваха китарите,но като цяло "картинката" беше страхотна.
Не мога да кажа до колко часа е продължил концерта,тръгнах си към 23:30 защото трябваще да придържам пияния си колега,който прекали с джина с тоник!
Иначе,да обобщим: BONEDUST - дойдоха,свириха,взривиха!
Една от групите,които ще бъдат включени в брой 2 на сп.DEVILRY.
Такива концерти в малките градове са рядкост,затова трябва да сме благодарни на момчетата за ентусиазма и желанието да направят нещо такова.

Bonedust to the death!

четвъртък, 4 юни 2009 г.

Devilry Distro NEW RELEASES

- ASTISIAN - Lament to the eternal frost - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- ARTISIAN - Na Beiste Bho'n Talamh - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- ARTISIAN - Seargte De Reothadh - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- Cosmic Atrophy - Codex Incubo - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- Dark Domination - Reign Of The Fallen One - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- Gilla Bruia - Six Fingered Jesus - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- Moloch - Trauer - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- Nolgtjar - Lord of the Forest - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- Pistons - We're Pistons - 8 EURO / 10 BGN
- Sinpularctos - The Voidance Of Man - 8 EURO / 10 BGN

postage taxes are included

сряда, 3 юни 2009 г.

Грешка в сайта www.devilry.tk / www.devilry.tk ATTENTION!!!!

Грешка в сайта www.devilry.tk / www.devilry.tk ATTENTION!!!!

the site WWW.DEVILRY.TK will opened only with Mozilla Firefox.
There has been problems with Internet Explorer.
If you cant see the site,please write me...we strongly reccomend Mozilla Firefox

Сайтът ни WWW.DEVILRY.TK може да се отвори САМО с Mozilla Firefox.
Има проблеми при отваряне с Internet Explorer.
В момента работим по отстраняване на проблема,моля да ни извините!

вторник, 2 юни 2009 г.

New member/Нов член в отбора

От няколко дни насам,редиците на списанието ни се увеличиха.Новия ни колега се казва Иво Балчев и при нас е спец по екстремните стилове.Пожелаваме му успех и много броеве с нас!

From a few days we have new member in our ship.This is Ivo Balchev - expert in the extreme metal genres!Big applause for him!!!!! We wish him good luck with the writing! Rock on my friend!

събота, 30 май 2009 г.


We have found this online tv while we was surfing on day...its really nice!!!
Watch free videos,concerts here.

петък, 29 май 2009 г.


Две деца - братче и сестричка от Асеновград, ще бъдат отведени принудително в Полша при майка им. Двудневната акция за прибирането на осемгодишната Ники и шестгодишния й брат Павел от адреса на баща им на улица „Илинден" обаче удари на камък. Децата отказват да се върнат при майка си Барбара Ядвигд и настояват да останат в България. Съдия-изпълнител Кремена Дерменджиева е ангажирана с деликатния казус. Тя категорично заяви, че няма да допусне физическа принуда спрямо малолетните.




четвъртък, 28 май 2009 г.


We are now accepting payments through PAYPAL!!!!
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магазин DEVILRY

сряда, 27 май 2009 г.

Несправедливост срещу метъл музиката

Някой от Вас сигурно са забелязали,че в момента ни няма на уреченото място.Със огромно съжаление съобщаваме,че обещания Екстремен Метъл Щанд може и да не просъществува или ще е на някое друго място в града.
Нашите мили общинари ни обясниха,че улицата,на която искахме да си запазим място е САМО за "занаятчии" и хора,свързани с културната дейност!?!
Явно за тукашните управляващи ние не сме достатъчно културни,за да можем да продаваме стоките си!Предполагаме,че ако продавахме поп-фолк музика или стари градски песни,нямаше да имаме такива главоболия.Но все пак става дума за "дяволската" музкика!
Няма какво друго да направим по въпроса,освен да стискаме зъби и да се надяваме,че един ден нещата ще са други и метъл музиката няма да е пренебрегвана по този начин.Така,милите общинари обиждат не само нас,но и останалите фенове!
За тях сигурно култура означава....мазна долна чалга!
Ние ще продължим делото си,ще продължим да се трудим върху списанието си и ще продаваме музиката ни онлайн.
Явно никой вече не иска да подкрепя младежта и свободното мислене!
Докато не се променят нещата в страната ни,всички млади хора ще се чувстваме като аутсайдери и черните овце в света на закоравели комунисти!

Ние ще потърсим друго място за да продаваме МЕТЪЛА!
Няма да се отказваме!

Да спасим печатната медия!


понеделник, 25 май 2009 г.

събота, 23 май 2009 г.

Нови попълнения в онлайн магазина ни

New Releases in the online CD store:
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петък, 22 май 2009 г.

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Екстремен метъл щанд!

От 23ти до 31 Май

Издателите на сп.DEVILRY ще проведат експеримент.
Ще влезем в центъра на панаира за да видим продава ли се още екстремната музика!
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ТАМ СМЕ от 23ти до 31ви май!
Подкрепете ни!

местонахождение:Площад гр.Казаналък

понеделник, 18 май 2009 г.

For all bands!!!

We are currently looking for tracks,who will be included in our future "Issue 2 CD sampler".
If you want your track to be included in our magazine,please contact us:

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Сайтът е все още в процес на разработка!
Очаквайте скоро....тази седмица!


You can now order DEVILRY Magazine online - check out www.devilry.tk
Extreme metal distribution soon will open gates!!!
Black/metal/grind CDs and magazines!
Special offers for everybody
The site is still under construction
Coming soon this week!!!!

събота, 16 май 2009 г.

Devilry Distribution openes soon/Онлайн Devilry магазин

Devilry distribution will open soon.
You can order tons of underground metal CDs here on cheap prices.
Check out : www.devilry.tk
The site is still under construction!

DEVILRY DISTRIBUTION ще отвори адските си врати скоро.
От нас може да поръчате много и всякаква екстремна музика.Има за всеки вкус.
Адреса ни е www.devilry.tk
Сайтът е все още в процес на разработка!
Очаквайте скоро!

Devilry Zine Presentation on Varna Radio

Devilry Magazine will have a presentation on Varna Radio on Monday May 15th - 20:00 in "THE OTHER SIDE" - extreme music only.
You can listen it online at: http://www.irontrees.com/otdrugatastrana/ or here:

Списание Devilry ще бъде официално презентирано по радио Варна в Понеделник 15ти Май от 20:00 часа в предаването "От другата страна".
Можете да го слушате и онлайн тук:

четвъртък, 14 май 2009 г.

DEVILRY Magazine's online store

DEVILRY Magazine's online store soon will be opened!
check out : http://www.devilry.tk/
Underground metal only!


Онлайн магазинът на списанието ни скоро ще отвори врати,за да излее върху вас страховита смесица от дет/блек и грайнд музика.Място за слабаци няма,място за пширати няма!Само качествена музика,подкрепете ни!
Очаквайте скоро!

сряда, 13 май 2009 г.

Devilry in Pro-Rock Magazine's News

Излезе първият брой на списание Devilry

Публикувано на: 2009-05-12

Ъндъграунд списанието за екстремна музика Devilry вече може да се похвали с излизането на своя първи брой. Печатното издание се разпространява за 4 лв/ 4 евро и може да бъде поръчано на някой следните адреси:

* www.devilry-magazine.blogspot.com
* www.myspace.com/sata_niko
* devilry.zine@mail.bg
* devilry.zine@abv.bg

На двата уеб адреса можете да разберете и повече за начинанието.

вторник, 12 май 2009 г.

Търсим Момичета за Фотосесия за Брой 2

Търсим Момичета за Фотосесия за Брой 2 !!! За рекламиране на списанието ни!
Дарк,готик тип ;) На възраст над 18 години!
За повече информация:


неделя, 10 май 2009 г.

Distributors Wanted!!!

The long waited first issue of DEVILRY Magazine is already fact.
You can all order the magazine ,just mail us and we will send the zine to your houses.
We are now looking for distributors/advertisers!!!
Join our crusade!!!
Support us/support yourself!!!



ORDER NOW!!!! Issue 1

Issue 1 OUT NOW !!!!

сряда, 29 април 2009 г.


I am sick of people who dont believe in me and think that the Devilry Magazine is just a lie.Well fuckers,unbelievers see this!!!! DEVILRY Magazine's first issue - COMING SOON - MAY 11th The plague will be spreaded!!

петък, 24 април 2009 г.

Devilry's release - May 11th

The hell will be unleashed - May 11th 2009.
The new extreme metal magazine DEVILRY - Limited edition.
Featuring interviews with - Artisian,Svartediket,Devian,Semen Datura,Mental Reborn etc. Order now!!!

Distributors wanted!!!

събота, 11 април 2009 г.

събота, 4 април 2009 г.

Front Cover!!!!

You can now see the front cover of the first issue of DEVILRY Magazine.I hope you like it,and if you have some comment don't be afraid to share your opinion with me.I hope this will be the first of many front covers that we will have.Thank you for all joining in.I will let you know when I am completely finish the job.

петък, 3 април 2009 г.

Satanismo Calibro 9's album.OUT NOW!!!

Here comes the new Italian cult project for Infernal Industrial!!!
SUPERNOVA is the third album of Satanismo Calibro 9.Foreseen to be out in April.
Place now your resrvation.
Price is not fixed yet but in any case should not differ that much from the listed one.
FORMAT: CD-R Digipack
LIMITED:166 copies numbered from 500 to 666
PRICE:10,00 Euro

Attention:This album's review can find on the pages of Devilry Magazine's first issue in May!!!

сряда, 1 април 2009 г.

End of all votes !!!

I decided to end all votes for cover band of Devilry.Thank you all for voting.The issue is already done.Coming soon...in the dumpsters near you ;)

Fractured Insanity Interview

Here is some preview for the intervie with the Belgium death metal machine FRACTURED INSANITY.Read the whole interview in the 1st issue of DEVILRY Magazine...coming soon

1.You are another new death metal band.How you decide to play such music?
Hello! Well, I guess it's the same story like most other bands. Just a bunch of guys that love brutal music and were more then just fans but also played instruments.
We all love bands like Decapitated, Suffocation, Severe Torture etc and it was our desire to play such music. That's actually the whole story. Seeing those bands
live on stage, listening to their records and make us go wild, that's the feeling we all have and what we want to reflect within the band.

2. when did you form Fractured Insanity, what were your previous projects?
The band was formed by Kenny on guitars and Ignace on drums in April 2004. I joined the band on bass in September of the same year, later followed by Rob on
vocals in May 2005. In April 2008, Dieter joined our ranks as our second guitarplayer and when Rob decided to leave the band, Cid became our new frontman in
October 2008. As previous projects concerned, we've all been in various bands before we started FI but please see the question about other projects. They are
all named there :-).

3. Do you think that death metal is in his top shape right now?
Certainly! However, I wonder what the future will bring because the limits of human skills are almost reached in my opinion. Is it possible to blast at a higher speed
then Vital Remains or Nile, is it possible to be more brutal then Origin etc... . You can't stop todays musical evolution so I think that death metal shall always evolve
during the coming years, it's only a matter of time before we see the new upcoming "trend". Today, it's all about "deathcore" so perhaps tomorrow, we'll meet "blackcore"
or whatever ;-).

4.What is the contest of your lyrics?Are they gore-grind "CannibalCorpse Style"?
We have one song called "on your flesh and guts" which has a more "gore-style-approach". But then again, it was our very first written song so that can perhaps
explain the cannibal corpse style ;-). The current lyrics mostly speak about the topic human civilisation and the way people act and react on psychological topics
and issues. For example, the human race is the only species on the planet that kills it own kind on matters such as religion, warfare, other beliefs in ethical visions
and so on. That's the main content of the lyrics and on the second full-length, this tradition shall be continued.

April 3dr MENTAL REBORN Live

The young melodic death metal band MENTAL REBORN will play live on April 3rd - ART CENTER Veliko Turnovo,Bulgaria. 19:00

4/3/2009 7:00 PM at ART CENTER
, Veliko Tarnovo,
Cost: 4 BGN
Mental Reborn and Mental Destruction

REMEMBER:13 days left to vote for cover band!! Only at DEVILRY-MAGAZINE.BLOGSPOT.COM

петък, 27 март 2009 г.

18 days left to vote

Everybody,18 days left.Check out DEVILRY-MAGAZINE.BLOGSPOT.COM and vote.
Who do you want to be on the front cover of the first issue of DEVILRY Magazine: Cirith Corgor,Catamenia,SAD,Exehteris,Artisian,The Sarcophagus or somebody else.
Vote now or DIE !!!

сряда, 25 март 2009 г.


Old Temple Records - SAD Premiere

Today premiere of new releases.
From darkness of Greece there comes the most pessimistic band from those ancient lands. The new wave of darkness will flood world. SAD presents its third arrival. Eight sad anthems dedicated to complete blackness deprived of any signs of life or human soul. "Enlightened By Darkness" is music for fans of true black metal, without any ornaments. Cold dark sounds, black pessimistic aura. There are no colours, there is no happiness, there is no life...