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Списание Devilry е некомерсиално месечно дигитално списание за екстремна музика. Написано на Български език и безплатно за всички. Нашият първи брой беше публикуван през 2009-а година (на хартия и на английски език). В началото на 2010-а година списанието беше върнато към живот от създателя му Нико - в дигитален формат, ново лого и нов стимул - ДА ЗАПАЗИ ДУХА ЖИВ! То съдържа интервюта, ревюта, статии с някой от най-бруталните банди от дълбокия ъндърграунд.
ЗА ГРУПИ И ЛЕЙБЪЛИ - Ако искате да направим интервю с вас, моля изпратете ни мейл на devilry.zine@mail.bg или ни пишете съобщение в myspace профила ни. Жанрът трябва да е екстремен. Не ни пука дали е блек-дет-траш-хардкор.
ЗА РЕВЮТА - Промо дискове са добре дошли, както и дигитални mp3-ки. Опитваме се да даваме най-доброто от себе си и да сме честни в ревютата си.
ЗА ВСИЧКИ АНГЛОГОВОРЯЩИ ЧИТАТЕЛИ - Наясно сме с факта, че някой от вас не могат да прочетат списанието ни на Български. За сега не можем да си позволим да правим 2 еднакви списания на различни езици, но никой не знае, какво може да се случи занапред. Можете да прочетете някой от интервютата на английски на блога ни ( www.devilry-magazine.blogspot.com) или в някой от нашите специални броеве на списанието, написани и на двата езика. ЗА РЕКЛАМИ - Пишете на devilry.zine@mail.bg Подкрепяйте метъл ъндърграунда! Да поддържаме духа жив!

Devilry Magazine is non-comercial monthly digital magazine for extreme music. Written in Bulgarian and free for all. Our first issue was released in may 2009 (in paper and written in english). In the beginning of 2010 Devilry magazine was reborn by it's creator Niko - in digital format, new logo and new stimul - TO KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE! It contains interviews, reviews, articles with some of the most brutal bands from the real underground.
FOR BANDS AND LABELS - If you want to make an interview in the magazine, please send us e-mail at devilry.zine@mail.bg or write us a message in myspace. The genre must be extreme! We don't care if its black-death-hardcore-thrash etc. FOR REVIEWS - Promo CDs are well received, also digital MP3s. We try to give our best and to be honest in the reviews! FOR ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING READERS - Also we are aware of the fact that some of you can't read the magazine in Bulgarian. For now we can't afford to make 2 same magazines in different languages, but who knows what can happened in the future? You can read some of the interviews in english in our blog ( www.devilry-magazine.blogspot.com) or in our special editions of the magazine written in english and bulgarian.
FOR ADVERTISING AND SALES - contact Devilry.zine@mail.bg Support the metal underground! Keep the spirit alive



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понеделник, 23 ноември 2009 г.



-The Black Metal is still alive and with your last album you prove that he'll never die.
I agree, there are still a lot of people with right mentality and whom are filled with a raw, dark energy and hate. As long as there are people like that there will be Black Metal.
-Tell us something about the beginning,when you formed the band.
For the answer to this question I must reffer to our website.
-What is hidden behind your name?Why "Cirith Gorgor"?
It originally comes from Tolkiens Lord of the rings and meaning the haunted pass to death. These days, however the Tolkien-concept is totally cast aside, for our antipathy towards religions is a more important concept to us.
-Why do you have so much line-up changes over the years?
Sometimes for a band to survive and flourish, it must stay dynamic and evolve into something stronger.
-Do you thing that your latest album "CIRITH GORGOR"is Soundtrack to Armageddon?
I think our soundtrack to Armageddon has yet to be written.
-Aren't you afrid that your next album will be less powerfull than the last one?
Not at all.
-What motivates you?Where the inspiration comes from?
That is hard to say. Often it comes for deep within. One of my personal motivation would be my hatred for the arrogance of mankind.
-What can make you really angry?
Mankind takes real pride in their intelligence while in truth it is degenerating and the existance of the major regilions only advance it’s degeneration.
-Can you reveal some secrets about your upcoming album?Do you have any new songs written?
Of course the writing process keeps on going.
-I see that lately you are very busy band.Any chance to see you playing in Bulgaria?
Who knows, we’ll be playing in Romania in august.
-What can you say about Black Metal Scene today?
It seems that there is an increase in old-school Black Metalbands and this is something I am very pleased with.
-Are you famous in your country?
You can say that.
-What you think about satanism?Are you religious?
We are not at all religious, we do not believe in God and therefor not in the Devil. Satanism however are a powerfull tool to express our hatred against all the major religions
-Do you enjoy playing live?
That’s what’s it all about.
-Where was your best show ever?
That would actally be our show in Bulgaria two years ago.
-Do you think that it's better to improve and evolve musically?
Of course it’s better. To stand still and not improve means that you are on your top and when you are on your top, it can only get worse.
-Nowadays we see more and more "old" Black Metal bands coming back.How can you explain that?
I don’t and I am not going to pretend I do.
-What can we expect next from you?
More chaos, terror and live shows!
-Will you search for a bigger label for your releases?
We actually signed with a bigger label, but they turned out to be dirty, greedy pigs.
-Thank you for the interview.Infernal HAILS from DEVILRY Magazine and all your fans.



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