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Списание Devilry е некомерсиално месечно дигитално списание за екстремна музика. Написано на Български език и безплатно за всички. Нашият първи брой беше публикуван през 2009-а година (на хартия и на английски език). В началото на 2010-а година списанието беше върнато към живот от създателя му Нико - в дигитален формат, ново лого и нов стимул - ДА ЗАПАЗИ ДУХА ЖИВ! То съдържа интервюта, ревюта, статии с някой от най-бруталните банди от дълбокия ъндърграунд.
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Devilry Magazine is non-comercial monthly digital magazine for extreme music. Written in Bulgarian and free for all. Our first issue was released in may 2009 (in paper and written in english). In the beginning of 2010 Devilry magazine was reborn by it's creator Niko - in digital format, new logo and new stimul - TO KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE! It contains interviews, reviews, articles with some of the most brutal bands from the real underground.
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понеделник, 1 март 2010 г.

Deviator Interview

1.Hi, present DEVIATOR to our readers!

Hails! We are young extreme black/death metal band from Ukraina called DEVIATOR. I am founder and leader of this formation. It started as one-man band of mine but now it has full line-up: Lord Hastner - Vocals, guitar, lyrics;
Haron R.I.P.Iey – Drums; Mictian – Bass. At the beginning of my activity I just composed lyrics and music on computer synthesizer.( 2 dark- ambient demos were created in 2007 a.b.) But extreme metal was always the biggest passion for me. So when I was 22 years I recorded “Black Stronghold” demo with help of Haron R.I.P.ley (now he is our drummer). Raw hateful Black Metal as distillation of the most pure dark thoughts. The main conceptual ideas were sorrow, hate and destruction of humanity. I was really fucking care what somebody think about my music at that time!
Then was creatred dark-ambient stuff “Estrangement” ( with help of musician soft - guitar-rig). Estrangement from human herd to something more important and deeper. Dark depressive but also very calm and charming music. Autumn 2008 a.b. - EP Bloodthorny Horizons.( 2 live tracks + 2 covers) Winter-Spring 2009 - Mighty Black Inner Flame. Debut full-length album! No doubt is the best Deviator's work. The best old ideas from all previous works and new ones are included in it. Innovative atmospheric black/death metal with esoteric dark lyrics.

2. Your “Mighty Black Inner Flame” is very good extreme black metal album! Are you agree, that the album contains pagan metal elements in source of the nature?

Thanx for your words, Ivo. Well, it is true and this album is very pagan oriented. I really feel harmony with Nature but not with human society I have to exist within . Also I respect native beliefs of my ancestors and fond of Northen mythology.
I am glad to create album in such way because it reflexes the deepest essence of my controversive and sensible soul! Forgotten Hope – affecting melodic doom-death composition dedicated to one girl from Norway. I will never see her but she always will be in my Heart. Then we listen to The last day of mankind! He-he, from heaven to Earth!
This song is about collapse of our planet and total destruction. Believe me want we or no Armageddon or Ragnarek will come! It sounds very original, cruel and atmospheric. The next song Mighty Black Inner Flame is about total Hate to christian godand glorification Insurgent archetype. Mesmerized by blood – harsh atmospheric depressive black metal song about pagan fallen heroes…Undying Darkness and Raw Symphony of Sorrow are very melodic death influenced. And new one – Necrothrone.
Brutal death metal madness. Only who feels chthonic call inside will understand me!

3. The album is self-released. What is your opinion about work of the labels?

Of course I think about it. There are many of them that are interested to release it. Now it is my main goal to find a suitable label…

4. What is for you the underground extreme scene?
Well, this question is a little bit difficult… Maybe according to people that have uncompromising non- conformative ideas and brutal sound though want be in shadows this term will be correct…

5. The huge metal festivals is something important for many metal bands. What is your ambitions like a band?
I am not modest. It is a christian value. I want to develop myself, my band and people I respect. But it is very hard becouse you feel oppression everywhere. But if we talk about concerts I like closed ones with intellectual people that want to listen to music and feel dark energy.

6. I know that for DEVIATOR the dark feeling is something important. Fenriz from DARK THRONE was said that black metal is feeling. But what is the most important for you in one composition – the feeling in the music, technical playing or the message?

Nice question. I totally agree with pioneer of Black Metal. Feeling of my own dark subunconscious is the most important thing in music. When I feel bad I take my guitar and combine some riffs on intuitive level then I develop my mind and create other parts of song. Drummer and bass-player will include something from them. By the way when we play live we sound much more better then on disc…Technical part is also important but it comes with a time . If you do not take your soul to your children you are bad creator…
7. One symbolic question. What are the implications of phrase “inner flame”?

It is quite hard to explain. It is a POWER you want to share with others to show alternative way of living.

8. Tell me some about the lyrics in “Mighty Black Inner Flame”!
Sorry I forget to send them to you. Well, I ve describe them a little bit in my previous question. In general they are connected with dark sides of human nature, death, sorrow and antichristian thoughts.
9. What do you think about NS black metal? Do you know about conflict between TAAKE and KREATOR?

I support some ideas of NS Black Metal like principles of Blood and Soil becouse it is real alternative in fucking bullshit we live in caused by globalization. But there are different levels of thinking. And I should always explore something new and more powerfull. Truth is not exhaustive. Sorry, have no information about this conflict.

10. What is your opinion about the black metal scene in Norway? Have we need some new Varg Vikernes?

I do not want to offend someone but real black metal scene in Norway is dead nowadays. Norway is one of the most developed countries in the whole world. There are many trendy bands that do it as nice hobby to relax. It is quite hard to be true and evil if you have a lot of money and no one limit your rights. Situation in Ukraine or Russia for example is much more harder. And there are really awesome bands that deserve only respect. Yes, we need new Varg Vikernes becouse system must be broken. Anyway this man has chosen Eros…Well, maybe if you are near 40 years old it is understandable…

11. Back to DEVIATOR! How looks your repetition room and one your repetition?
I will send you a photo with our repetition. We are playing in underground small room with good sound isolation. There are drums, two combos, mixer and microphone. Repetion look like? We take some beer( as vocalist I need it to drench my throat) then I tell what song we will play and we begin our nightmares!

12. What is the first true black metal album for you?
MOLOCH – Blacker than darkness! This demo is really fucking rules! But the most respectable bands for me ( better to say one-man bands) are BATHORY and BURZUM.
13. Now, everyone talk about new thrash metal wave. Do you support some new thrash bands and when will come new wave of black metal? Who will raise the flag of hate?

You will be surprised but I think the best thrash metal was performed by METALLICA during period of 1984 till 1988 years. This music contains everything for what I love metal – passion, aggression, technics, melody and beautifull lyrics. Also I like Sodom, Kreator. But thrash has no future to develope that I do not say about Death and Black metal.

14. Well, thank you for the interview! The final words are yours!

Understanding is only bound by your own limitations. Will is only bound by your own wakefulness.

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